What To Do If Reaching Roadblock During Injury Settlement Process?

There are several ways by which progress in the settlement negotiations could get blocked.
-The insurance adjuster might refuse to make an offer.
-The insurance adjuster might make an unreasonable offer.
-The plaintiff might be eager to have the case get decided in a courtroom.

If any of those situations were to play out, then those that have been taking part in the negotiations should know how to respond.

Get the negotiations started in the correct direction, and in the right way.

The plaintiff should send a demand letter to the adjuster’s office. That letter should contain the figure for the amount of money being requested. Adjusters that receive such a letter seldom come forward with an unreasonably low offer.

Control the speed of the negotiation process

If the process is nearing the deadline, as stated in the statute of limitations, then the plaintiff should file a lawsuit. That way, if the settlement talks were to fail, and that failure were to come about after the deadline; the plaintiff would have the right to proceed with the lawsuit.

When it is safe to consider a low offer

The case contains many uncertainties, or the case is weak.
The claimed injuries were small or insignificant: This is a valid reason, if the plaintiff has taken the time to see a physician, and did so soon after the accident.
The offer made by the adjuster is at the max of the limit, as stated in the defendant’s insurance policy.

Other advice for claimants

Wait until arriving at the state of maximum medical improvement, before agreeing to take part in any negotiations.

Do not hesitate to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Northbrook, if you are not sure about how fair the adjuster’s offer might be. If this is the first consultation, then there should be no charge. Even if you do have to pay for the lawyer’s opinion, that paid advice could keep you from accepting an unfair amount of money.

Remember, the legal system wants you to be able to get back where you were before. Make sure the offered amount allows that to happen.