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Cities such as Northbrook , Elgin and Naperville, and other Chicago area suburbs have many residents who enjoy hitting the open road on two wheels. Just about every motorcyclist will tell you that there is nothing that can match the exhilaration one feels when riding their bikes. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists have been catastrophically injured or killed by careless or negligent motorists who have no respect for these individuals. If this has happened to you or a loved one, the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers are here to make them pay for the harm that was done to you.

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As your legal team, the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers understand how a motorcycle accident can change someone’s life. We are well recognized in cities such as Northbrook , Elgin and Naperville, and many other suburbs in the greater Chicago area because of our ongoing commitment to all injured motorcyclists. Since establishing our legal practice, we’ve helped dozens of motorcyclists handle the aftermath of their accidents and put the pieces of their lives back together.

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8 common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

There are a number of contributing factors that motorcycle accidents have in common with other vehicular collisions as well. However, the most critical difference is the nature and severity of the injuries that the Makarone Law Firmpersonal injury lawyers have seen with the survivors of these horrendous crashes. We know how traumatic the whole journey to recovery is or if someone lost their life in the accident, the family suffers the most. That is why our compassionate lawyers ensure that each accident is well-represented as we pool in our resources to help you get the justice that they deserve.

There are hundreds of statistics that you can look up online, including the following 8 common causes of these accidents:

  • Accidents attributed to debris on the road, missing signage, poorly maintained surfaces, potholes, the weather, and other hazardous conditions
  • Defective equipment or parts and manufacturing errors that could cause motorcycle failure and result in an accident
  • Driver failure to obey traffic signage and signals
  • Failure to check for other vehicles when changing lanes or merging into traffic
  • Individuals who are eating, talking on their cellphones, or texting while driving
  • Motorists who are driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Opening a car door into the path of a motorcyclist
  • Reckless actions and behavior such as excessive speed, passing unsafely, stopping suddenly in front of a motorcyclist, or tailgating

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident because of any of the above causes, our personal injury lawyers will be here to ensure that your rights are protected. For more information, call the Makarone Law Firm today.