Informative Details In Each Auto Insurance Policy

One of the most significant questions that get raised, by those that are responsible for compensating any injured and insured drivers concerns the issue of liability. Who should be held responsible?

In order to gain insight into the issue of liability, it helps to ask this question: Does the driver affected by the accident fit into any of the insurance policy’s categories? Does the driver’s vehicle fit into any of the policy’s categories?
The individuals that would fall into a covered category, one listed in the insurance policy

The policyholder; the person named in that particular document.

The spouse of the policyholder, as long as the husband and wife were living together: If the couple had separated, then the wife’s name would have to appear in the policy, in order for her to have access to the policy’s coverage.

Any other licensed drivers in the household of the policyholder should be named in the policy, in order to for them to enjoy that available coverage, as per the personal injury lawyer in Naperville.

Anyone that might be granted the keys to the policyholder’s vehicle should expect to be covered by the terms of the document that had been issued by the policyholder’s insurance company.

The vehicles that would fall into a covered category

The vehicle that has been named in the policyholder’s policy: As that same policyholder obtained additional vehicles, or replaced the older ones with newer ones, each of those could also be named and covered.

Any temporary replacement, such as a rented vehicle, or one leased to the driver, while the named vehicle was undergoing repairs.

Certain recreational vehicles: Those are covered as long as none of them gets used for business purposes.

Other limitations on coverage

If a policyholder were to become a contracted worker with Uber or Lyft, then the passengers would not be covered, unless the same contacted driver took advantage of the opportunity provided by that ride share companies. Each of those companies has now arranged to provide each contracted driver with the chance to purchase a special insurance. It is one that covers any passengers, should any one of them get injured in an accident.

Just about every auto insurance policy has stated in the past that its terms would be voided, if the policyholder were to use the insured vehicle as a moneymaking tool. Uber and Lyft had to find a way around that exclusion of coverage for those that had chosen to ride in a private car, one that had a contracted driver.

Although the drivers are not viewed as employees, they do have access to a special insurance. Hence, each of them enjoys one of the benefits that get granted to employees in at least some businesses.

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