How To Preserve Your Rights If Injured In Car Accident

There are two vital steps for any car accident victim: Get to a doctor or medical facility as soon as possible, and then gather the relevant evidence with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Elgin.

Initial evidence that can help victims to preserve their rights

Pictures taken at the site of the accident: At least some of them should capture the features at that specific location. It helps to stand in multiple locations, while taking those photographs, so that each significant feature can be viewed from several angles.

Pictures of the damaged vehicle, along with photographs of the vehicle that was driven by the responsible party.
Contact information: The names and addresses for each of the involved drivers, as well as those for any witnesses.

Ideally, each driver would probably produce his or her license, as a source of the desired contact information. In the event that some driver has claimed to be without his or her license, the contact information could come from any document that carried that same driver’s name and address.

A copy of the police report, if an officer was called to the scene and copies of any accident report that was filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Follow-up evidence that serves the same purpose

Anything that might be found during a return visit to the site of the accident: That could be tire tracks, or perhaps some witness that got overlooked on the day of the collision. Facts shared by any new witness would be able to supplement the information provided by the other witnesses. Understand, though, that it is best to limit the number of questions raised at the scene, and instead arrange to have a second meeting, in a quiet location.

Learn where each contacted witness was standing on the day of the collision. Learn how clearly the same person was able to see what was happening. You might work with the witness to create a rough diagram of the spot where the vehicles collided. Do not rule out the chance that some video camera in the area could have taken some valuable footage. Go to any parking lot, or any public facility that has such a camera. That act could save your lawyer from expending unnecessary time and effort.

Any of the possible locations could have one of more trees within view of the video camera. It could be that the events of interest to you and your lawyer took place in an area that was hidden by some tree. If you were to discover such unwanted information, you could share it with your personal injury lawyer in Naperville, so that no investigator from your lawyer’s office would have to pay a visit to that specific spot, the one that had a video camera.

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