Answers To Some of The Repeated Questions About Personal Injury Claims

Anyone that has been injured during the course of an accident develops some pressing concerns. The implications of such concerns often give rise to questions about how to get reimbursed for any losses.

What is a typical outcome for a personal injury claim?

The majority of such claims end with a settlement. The claimant, of the claimant’s lawyer and the defendant’s insurance company settle on a specific amount of money, and the insurance company delivers that amount of money to the claimant.

How much money does a claimant normally receive in a settlement?

Claimants with only minor injuries should not expect to receive more than $3,000. Those that must take a few days off from work, but then recover from their injury might receive as much as $25,000. Someone that has sustained a greater level of harm might receive $50,000 or more.

What factors determine the size of any claimant’s compensation package?

As indicated above, someone that has suffered serious harm should receive a larger package than someone that sustained only minor injuries. For instance, the occupant of a hit car that had become a victim of puncture wounds would get more money than an occupant that walked away with only a few scrapes and bruises.

The defendant’s insurance policy has a large influence on the size of the monetary reimbursement to the victim/claimant. Some defendants have failed to purchase any type of car insurance. In such cases, the driver of the hit vehicle would not receive any money, unless he or she had purchased an uninsured motorist option.

By the same token, the limits on the defendant’s policy could force an injured claimant to accept a small compensation package. On the other hand, defendants that have paid for a policy with generous limits tend to prolong the pre-settlement negotiations, while allowing for delivery of a larger package.

Whenever victims of an accident have chosen to hire a lawyer, those same victims have introduced another factor, one that should work to increase the compensation’s size. Personal Injury Lawyers in Northbrook have the ability to pursue an investigation of what took place at the time of an injury-creating incident.

In addition, an attorney would be able to represent the injured client during the negotiations. Furthermore, in the event that some problem might develop during the negotiations, an attorney would be ready to assist with filing a lawsuit.

Why would that action prove so important? That action would prove noteworthy, because the threat of a lawsuit tends to scare an insurance company. It could encourage that same company to honor a promise made to a claimant or a policyholder, in order to exhibit good faith. No insurer wants to direct an agency charged with bad faith.